Just a few things to consider…


Fast Food Rant

(Yes I know I’ve been M.I.A. a long time. Yes I’m sorry. This seems to happen way too often.)

So, A lot have things have happened in the past month. I quit my second job (I’ve got a whole ‘nother rant for you guys about that) so I went from working 70 hour weeks to 30 hour weeks, I got a kitten (I’ll be sharing pictures soon enough), I re-homed my rats (for their own wellbeing), I signed a lease for a new apartment, and I’m applying for online universities. Cool stuff. Now you’re caught up.

With all of my extra time I’ve begun to realize that I spend a lot of money on fast food. So I finally decided that was going to stop, and that I was going to end it cold turkey. I basically got instant meals for breakfast lunch and dinner ever since the two jobs started, back in January. Dunkin Donuts knew me as a regular. Burger King as well. No ‘healthy’ fast foods, either. I’m talking a steady diet of sausage egg and cheese on a croissant and then later a 10 piece chicken nugget. For months. It was disgusting and my self worth went straight out the door the more and more I got hooked.

Fast forward to now, where I’ve basically quit coffee except for extenuating circumstances, make eggs every morning that I wake up in time, prep meals and overall have my life actually under control. I feel so much better. I can actually wear most of my shirts without feeling bloated. I can save my extra money for things I actually want/need. I can waste time in grocery stores and not worry about the food I buy going bad because I know I’ll actually eat it.

I know there’s no real point to this blog post I just figured I’d update you and share how I’m doing even though it really doesn’t matter. If you feel like shit and your wallet is basically empty by the time your next paycheck comes around, look at what you’re spending your money on. Find a better solution. You don’t have to have an exact plan for what you do with your money but at least try to figure out what’s draining the bank. Make sure you’re not in a cycle like I was… between gas and fast food money, I was basically working myself to death doing 70 hours and saving barely anything more than what I am now with just one job that’s barely full time. And now I actually have time to better my life. Crazy, huh?

Adventure on!