Enormous Life Update!

img_5258Hi again! The last time I posted here was around the time that summer break started. I was preparing for the new school year, planning on living in a dorm and going through my sophomore year of college.

I was living with a giant amount of stress and honestly hated my life more than I even realized. So before I update, let me just say this; I am so, so much happier where I am rather than where I planned on being.

Due to financial reasons, I couldn’t go back to school. It just wasn’t in the budget, and so I had to drop out. I wasn’t exactly enjoying my home life, so halfway through the summer I decided that it was time to move out on my own.img_5257 Anyways…

So I worked all summer at the farmstand that I usually work for, and by the end of August, I had landed an apartment in New Hampshire. I now work full time in the college town I love, I am still around my friends, and I am taking a cheaper route with online classes until being a full time student is financially possible. At first, this all seemed to be a giant mistake, but honestly I’ve grown to believe this was the best decision of my life.

I’ve also discovered some new hobbies, mainly indoor gardening and building my aquarium! I currently have two bettas, four mollies, six tetras, a pleco, two assassin snails and a male swordtail. I’ll have to update you guys on that in another post. It’s becoming an obsession.

Now, there’s a random picture of a hedgehog up there… he’s my baby. His name is Woodrow Huffington Esquire. I call him Sir Huffington. He is my life. As of today he is exactly eight weeks old, and my god is he adorable. That’s really all I have to say, just, expect a LOT of pictures to come!

Thanks for reading! Adventure on!


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