A Campus Greenhouse?

GreenhouseeeeSo recently I have been busy with a project that I was really hoping to announce as a success; re-opening the greenhouse on campus. After speaking to numerous people, students and faculty combined, I have a swarm of dedicated students, and no way to access the greenhouse.

For one, the greenhouse is broken. Which could be fixed over the summer, if it were a priority to the school. The next biggest problem, is, get this- students do not have access to the greenhouse. That’s the next biggest hurdle. I wanted to post a giant, “hey guess what! We’re doing something cool and good for the community!” this week but frankly, it’s just not happening right now.

That’s where I am currently, that’s why I haven’t really been updating on here. The greenhouse is all I can focus on right now, and I’m super excited to see what our group of students come up with to get around the greenhouse we can’t use (but pay for anyways) and give back to our community. We’re currently super ambitious about possibly creating a university organization and raising the funds for a more cost-effective student greenhouse open to the public. We want to grow fruits and veggies and donate them to the food shelter on campus, so that even those who really need food get an option of fresh, non-processed produce. I will keep you guys updated, sorry there haven’t been that many posts, I’ll get back to it!

Adventure on! (Is that a weird outtro? I’m not even sure. Oh well I’m sticking with it. Bye!)

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What if Everyone was a Hiker?

… Or at least, a nature-lover?

As an aspiring conservationist, sometimes I find it hard to understand how others can care so little for the environment. It has always baffled me how even in the U.S, we spend so little on environmental issues compared to everything else. What if everyone thought like us, or at least tried to care as much as us?

Would we even have to worry about over-fishing, poaching, inhumane zoos, animal abuse, deforestation, etc. etc. etc…? Just a thought. We all have people around us to impact; please make yours a good one. Get out there and enjoy the day- reconnect with nature. Force your friends to come too! Encourage, even pressure your friends, into caring for the environment. It’s important. How else can I possibly say it?