Spring is finally upon us! The weather has finally settled enough to leave the coats behind!  Life is bidding all around us- this is the perfect time to go out and explore!

So I wanted to propose my spring bucket list for this year to make most of this weather;

  • Summit 10 mountains (to be determined)
  • Read a book entirely outside
  • Never study indoors when I don’t have to
  • Grow a garden of all bee friendly plants
  • Dance in the rain!
  • Picnics
  • Feed the ducks
  • Kayaking. More and more kayaking.

I know this list is pretty generic for spring, but getting out of the dorm is supposed to be a relaxing and simple task that most of us just find difficult when we think of all the things we have to do.

Give the list a try, get away from responsibility!


On Being Overwhelmed.

I was driving home (to school, of course) yesterday after visiting my family back down in Connecticut for Easter Sunday. It was 6:00, not that late, but considering my drive is three to four hours (2/3 of which is straight highway), I knew I was in for a challenge. So, I drove to the first rest stop, and grabbed myself a latte. That’s how I know I’m tired- usually I will stay as far away from caffeine as possible. I don’t do well with it in my system. Anyways, I listened to an audio book for a good two hours, then podcasts for another hour and a half, then finally music for the final stretch. I was basically just trying to pass the time as productively as I could. Usually I can do this just fine, but yesterday, I just wasn’t having any of it. I found myself hating the book, wishing it would just be over and get to the point, talking back at the podcast as if they could hear me, and generally just zoning out when the music was playing (versus normal me would be screaming the lyrics- alone- looking like a madwoman). I wasted a good 3 1/2 hours being completely miserable, and then being awake until 2 AM because of the caffeine that refused to leave my system even with sleeping pills.

This blog is all about maximizing productivity as well as finding the time to take care of yourself by doing things that you love. That’s what I’m really interested in. So, what I’m about to say, some might believe it contradicts that whole concept.

I’m not just telling this story to get it off my chest- it’s brought me to really think about ‘me time.’ I am a person that absolutely hates sleep. I love to be awake and experiencing new things. Which is exactly why I need more sleep. While I love enjoying everyday things and being exposed to new material, I can’t enjoy it if I find myself sucked into a black hole of exhaustion. So that’s my lesson to you today; please make sure to find enough time to take a break once in a while. It really will help you to enjoy things much more.

Finding the Perfect Travel Companion

Finding someone I like to travel with can be a process.

You might assume, “That’s easy! I’ll just pick any of my friends!”

Man would that be cool.

Thing is, I listen to a lot of dubstep. Which, I’ll admit, isn’t really considered good music, but it keeps me focused on the road and I genuinely enjoy myself when it’s on, versus listening to Adele’s ‘Hello’ for the five millionth time (though that’s also pretty fun). It’s hard to travel with someone who doesn’t share the same music taste, especially if you two are polar opposites for road trip playlists. Plus, you’ve also got to pick someone that doesn’t get carsick, who doesn’t have a social media addiction (the best road trips are the ones way off the grid), etc. etc.

My suggestion? You could make a whooole list of people that you think would be fun to travel with based on what you both find fun, you could collaborate and settle on a travel plan based off the places that both of you are interested in… Maybe that would be fun…

OR, if you want to have a traveling companion who will be happy to go wherever, who won’t judge your music taste, who won’t get bored (though car sickness is a maybe), just take your dog and drive!

Photo edit credit- Sean’s the man!



Hello! (A quick introduction)


Well, here we are! I’m Amber, and this is my blog about the busybody’s guide to keeping in tune with nature!

As a college student and specifically as a science major, it can be hard to get off campus for a quick adventure. Between classes, labs, studying and homework, it’s almost impossible. I’ve found myself swamped with my studies, and I know others feel the same! However, I also understand the necessity for travel, and to get away from the stresses of everyday life.

My parents met at a hiking club. I was actually the first baby to be “born into” the club, and in so I grew to have an enormous family full of vagabonds and all-around great people, all so in tune with themselves. I learned extremely early on the importance of connecting with nature, and so my parents’ passion was almost instantly passed on to me. However, after being unable to continue the club, I found myself less connected to my surroundings and far more stressed out, living without the ‘bigger picture’ in mind that nature reminded me of. Years later, choosing a college was my chance to make a whole new life for myself. So, I chose Plymouth State University, to be closer to the mountains that were once my playground. Now here we are, and I intend on taking you guys along for the ride!

I guess I should get around to the basics- what is this blog specifically about?

  • Managing free time
  • Keeping in tune with nature
  • Enjoying spontaneity as well as structure
  • Hiking! A lot of it!
  • Road trip layouts
  • How to build the life you want.

If anything on that list interests you at all, please feel free to follow, and come back next week for new updates!

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